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Reviving the lost art of French polishing. Popular in Victorian times, French polish is the mirror-like finish that has long been admired as one of the most beautiful ways to finish wood. Because it is also labor-intensive, its popularity waned in the 20th century, but that could all change with the publication of French Polishing by Derek Jones.

A no-nonsense approach to this antique finish. Simple and straightforward, French Polishing demystifies the entire process, demonstrating that this finish is easier to do than most people think. Essentially, it consists of laying down one thin coat of shellac over another, time after time, to produce a tough, high-gloss finish.

Get the inside story from a hands-on pro. Now you can easily master all aspects of French polishing with this complete guide with all the must-know details, including:

  • Techniques for applying layers of shellac to achieve a warm glow
  • Step-by-step instructions for restoring an old finish to its former beauty
  • Properly preparing the wood surface before beginning
  • Choosing the right products and materials to do the job
  • Solving the most common problems woodworkers encounter
  • And tips for getting flawless results every time

A good choice for a special project. Since French polishing cannot be replicated by mass production methods, it is worth learning because it enhances a newly made piece with the warm glow of a prized heirloom. And if you enjoy refinishing older pieces, it’s important to learn how to repair this finish – and that, too, can be easily learned in French Polishing.

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