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MICRO-MESH® is a unique cushioned abrasive capable of giving very fine and very controlled scratch patterns. There are nine grits that range from 1500 to 12,000. The 1500 is slightly coarser than  a conventional 600 grit sandpaper, and the 12,000 will leave a scratch pattern that cannot be detected by the human eye. MICRO-MESH® abrasives can polish to an optically clear, reflective state or, thru the use of a coarser grit, leave a matte or satin finish. For the best finish foam block should be used with MICRO-MESH®. Finish MICRO-MESH® application with anti-static cream. Rub a thin coating on the surface with your fingers. Wipe clean with a tissue or flannel. The anti-static cream must be used to remove the abraded particles held to the surface by static.

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