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Everyone, young or old, loves brightly-painted wooden toys; they are strong, long-lasting, cheerful and fun, and give hours of pleasure to both children and adults. The extra-special quality of the projects given in this book is that all the toys are alive – they swing, tumble, rotate, jump or rattle! The authors are full-time toymakers who have, over the years, built up a vast collection of moving wooden folk toys, many of which are based on ideas which have been passed down through generations for thousands of years, The fifteen easily made projects contained in this book can all be constructed using the minimum amount of woodworking equipment and skill, and are suitable for those working at home, or in school or college. The instructions are straightforward and simple, with clear line diagrams to clarify certain points of construction; only small amounts of wood are used, so all the toys can be produced cheaply; there are ideas on how each toy can be varied to suit your own requirements, on how they can be personalized for special presents, and on how painting and decoration can be applied to best effect. All the toys are illustrated in color photographs, so you can really see what you are aiming for; and just think of the hours of pleasure to be gained from not only making the toys, but from giving them away as presents – or just playing with them yourself.

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